Siam Su

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Hi welcome to my website and information regarding my stall name Siam_su. My name is Donal Barker and I am the proprietor. We are located in the South Great Georges Street Market Arcade down in the centre aisle, approx 75 metres from Georges Street entrance or 25 metres from the Drury Street entrance. The name Siam-Su was deliberately chosen because of my many genuine and amazing experiences with the country of Thailand. I have been travelling to and from Thailand for 16 years now and have been doing business buying and selling goods from Thailand for 13 years. In that time I have learnt to speak Thai language fluently, and my partner and foster child are both Thai citizens. As my partner's name is SU when it came to choosing a name for the shop I decided on Siam-Su, which means "SU from Thailand". I dedicated this name to her because of her great patience and assistance helping me with my purchasing in Bangkok.

 ShoesI originally began trading in George Street Arcade in October 1995 in the old Aladdin’s cave section of the arcade. This is no more now as it has been replaced by the very popular Market Bar. I traded there for approximately 8 years and all my memories and experiences are fond ones. I was especially pleased and thrilled when many customers commented that my store truly looked like an Aladdin’s Cave. The idea to buy and sell goods from Thailand came when buying presents for my family. I noticed what beautiful and unusual items were on sale on the streets of Thailand and how popular they were with the tourists.

Over the past 13 years I have proven my original theory to be true and now I sell many unusual and popular items from Thailand. Some items we have been selling for many years and they never seem to dwindle in popularity or go out of fashion. These include the following products: -

1. Ladies Thai sandals with Flat heels, 1 1/2 inch heels and 3 1/2 inch heels
2. Ladies shoes c/w 5" inch heels with flower patterns
Clothing3. Kids Chinese style pyjamas all sizes included with eight beautiful colours.
4. Ladies hand bags very fashionable and hand made from Bamboo.
5. Big selection Latest trendy fashion glasses
6. Ladies handbags hand made and hand beaded.
7. Men's Hawaii style and patterned style Shirts.
8. Ladies wigs, hairpieces, and many colours long and short almost real hair.
9. Hand made model motorcycles wooden and metal all sizes.
10.Kids Chinese style dresses original Chinese material all sizes in many colours.
11.Kung -Fu suits Ladies and men's Black and white silk 100%.
12 Kung -Fu suits Ladies and men’s Black and white Cotton 100%.
13.Chinese Bath robes complete with dragon, reversible many beautiful colours, many sizes.
14.Unique Ladies Chinese style 3 quarters length tops with side splits all sizes and many colours.
15.Ladies 3 quarter length Thai tops best worn over pants, long side splits
16.Educational picture framed tropical butterflies and insect shells. These are unusual wall pictures.
17.Men's T-Shirts 100% cotton flame pattern and various patterns. (Thai Styles).

You can view all these items and more at Stall No 5 named Siam-Su at South Great George Street Market Arcade Mon-Sat from 8.30 am until 6.30 pm and Sundays 12pm to 6 pm and you can also contact me for wholesale enquiries at 0877870506 (Donal). Thank you for visiting this page and hope to meet you personally in Siam-Su.


  • Telephone: (087) 787 0506
opening summer2016